Painting is one of my passions and for that reason faces are my canvas. I like to collaborate with great Photographers and create art. Creative Makeup is like flying away in the sky of colours and beauty and bring the vision to life.

Cinderella Bride

She is fearless, she is beauty, she is strong, she is a woman

Head Art
by Nikki Harrison

A woman always wears her crown, visible or not.

White Queen

Her skin is melting into her white dress.

Fall Magic

Accidentally played with orange and black while hanging a fall blanket.

The Gypsy in the Forest

She is back where is belongs

Pink Jasmine

Smell the magic of Jasmine blossoms.


No matter what she wears, even a light layer of silk.


Waiting for the world of magic, in the forest of reality.


Her beautiful soul travelling in time, 1920, 1950 and 1970. As women, we are beautiful no matter what “Era” we are from.

My Valentine

She is shining with love.

Growing Pearls by Ragilabibphotoghraphy

Let your purity grow like white pearls.

Summer Heat
by @ragilabibphotoghraphy

Let the makeup melt while you are soaking up the summer heat.